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It is very easy to catch people doing something wrong and scold them publically.And,that’s what we usually do the whole day.We can easily find faults in our family members & thrash them.We can easily find faults in our peers & co-workers & complain about their wrong activities to higher ups.We can also find faults in our superiors & elders & grumble,because we sometimes can not tell their mistakes in their face.So,by being a  hardcore faultfinder you are becoming unhappy & spreading unhappiness all around.Moreover,if you just keep finding faults in others & keep discussing others’faults  all the time,what is the net result?You will find that those faults will start reflecting in you own behaviour.

Then,what is the remedy?Should we let all the wrong things happen all around & keep mum.By keeping mum should we spoil the discipline all around?

A very big industrialist was once being interviewed  & was asked the secret of his success.he very humbly said that the secret of his success was that,”He catches the people doing something right & praises them publically”.In this way,his people are very loyal to him & he can rely on them.Moreover,he said that he kept introspecting himself every week for two hours on Saturday evenings & found his own faults.He,then,made  efforts in removing his own faults before anyone else pointed  out a finger at him.

Moreover,if he found faults in any of his employees or colleages,he simply talked to him in private.He said that he was follwing the rule for many years.”Praise publically & scold privately”.

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And,it is logical too.Is there anybody on this earth who is free of faults?Can any  human being be free of faults?If a human being becomes free of faults ,will he not be equal to God?

And,can you imagine a human being without no quality at all?Yes!each & every human being does possess
some qualities too.If each & every human being has some shortcomings in him ,then he possesses some qualities too.

So,if we thrash him for his shortcomings,if we can repeatedly insult him for his shrtcomings & faults,should we not praise him for his qualities?

And,when we praise someone publically,what happens?when we discuss someone’s positive qualities & attributes repeatedly ,these qualities start reflecting in our behaviour very soon.
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Finally,if we have to scold people to maintain discipline ,let us first try to do so in private,so that ego of the other person is not hurt.But,if he does not improve in this manner,then in such a case we may have to scold him publically too.But,scolding publically should not be a regular practice.


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